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Samantha Says

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  • If you are playing the original Black Ops, completion of the “Moon” Easter Eggs require prior completion of the “Call of the Dead” and “Shangri La” Easter Eggs. This is not a requirement for Black Ops 3’s “Zombies Chronicles” remastered “Moon” map. 
  • The first Easter Egg, “Cryogenic Slumber Party” can be completed on solo, and must always be done in order to complete the second Easter Egg
  • The second, “Big Bang Theory” can only be completed with 2 or more players, and requires completion of Cryogenic Slumber Party first

Required Mystery Box Items (You can also collect these items from the Box during the Easter Egg):


  • Wave Gun



  • QED (Quantum Entanglement Device)



  • Gersch Device



  • Excavator “Pi” must be allowed to breach Tunnel 6. See step 3: Excavator Pi. 


Step 1


  • Activate Power


Make your way through one of the two Tunnels outside of the Receiving Bay to the MPD Room (Tunnel 6 is recommended due to it being used in a later step). The power switch in front of the fuel tanks. 




  • Play “Samantha Says” (Simon says) on the Computer Terminal


Once you have activated the power, return to the area below the “Receiving Bay.” The four computer terminals near the entrance to Tunnel 6 will be cycling  four colors (left to right):


1. Red

2. Green

3. Blue

4. Yellow


After each terminal displays its color, all four will flash the same color at the same time. 




Press the action button (X, Square, or "F") on the computer which previously flashed that color. Once you have done so, all four will flash twice. Repeat the process and using both colors. Continue to repeat the process, echoing the color sequence until all four screens rapidly flash green, then go dark. 


Proceed to Step 2.


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