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Charging the Golden Rod

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Once you have teleported back to Griffin Station, the Casimir Plates can be found lying on the floor in front of Quick Revive. Use a QED to move them to the computer in the opposite corner of the room.




After the Plates land in the computer, you will need to find a large, S-shaped wire, which will be used to finish assembling the charging station. Now, typically, the Wire will spawn in the laboratory - on the stairs up to Deadshot, under desks, etc., but it also can spawn in Tunnel 6, outside near the Mystery Box location, amid a few other places. When found, head back to the computer in the Receiving Bay.



Hold the action button (X, square, "F") to place the Wire between the computer terminal and the plate mounts.




The player in the role of Richtofen must place the "Golden Rod" between the Casimir plates.


[NOTE: In Black Ops 1, it was required that players completed the Shangri-La and Call of the Dead main quests, in order to have both the Focusing Stone and Golden Rod in Moon. In Black Ops 3, the player who is Richtofen starts with these items in his inventory. from the get-go. As such, the same recommendations lie dependent on whichever version you find yourself playing.]




The player playing as Richtofen must then stand in front of the computer terminal, and using the action button, cycle through several lines of audio between him and the computer system. Keep pressing the action button until the dialogue ends and the screen on the computer turns green.




After this, grab your newly charged Golden Rod.

Proceed to Step 8.



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