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Get the Vodka

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The vodka will just look like a bottle of vodka in an ice pack on some railings. Have one person stand below the vodka location while you or a partner knife the pack of ice. If you miss one of the bottles, check another location where it can spawn. There are four different locations for the vodka:


1. Go outside the PhD Flopper room and climb the stairs to the top, to the right of the Mystery Box location on the corner of the railing.

2. Directly next to Location 1, go outside the PhD Flopper room and halfway up the stairs outside it will be at the base of one of the stems holding the railing to the stairs.

3. From the spawn, run up the stairs that go the ship and pass the MPL on the wall. When you see a little opening on your left, stop and look up to the railing and it should be about in the middle of the railing.

4. On the ship, there is a part where a walkway is broken and you can drop down to a lower level of the ship. Before you drop down, look to the left and down and should see the vodka.


Once you have the vodka, go back down the room the characters are at and to the left of the door is a tube, press the action button and send the vodka through the tube and to the characters.

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