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Destroy the Generators

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Four generators can be found around the map, each with a little red light on top of it. You must extinguish each using any explosives, such as a frag or semtex grenades, dolls, the crossbow, or the Scavenger.


These four are located:

1. Directly behind you when facing the door the characters are trapped behind.

2. Out the left window in the room the Stamin-Up perk machine is in. For a greater challenge: try to hit it from the top of the lighthouse beside the mystery box location. 

3. From the spawn, go to the stern (back) of the ship, take an immediate right, and clear the debris. The generator will be over the starboard (right side) railing opposite spawn. 

4. From the side of the lighthouse with the large double doors and the AK-74u, there is a barrier down the hill on a bridge. Open it, walk down the bridge and the generator will be on your right. It can also be accessed by dropping down between the broken halves of the ship. For a bit more challenge, try to hit it with a grenade from the railing outside the Easter Egg room. 

Dempsey will say, “well, that did the trick,” 

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