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Collecting the Trophies

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There are six trophies around the map acquired through various means that you will need to advance the quest.


  • Outside of Dragon Command is a tank and above it on a wall there is a mural of Russian soldiers. Shoot the trophy out of the hand of the one on the right, and it will drop down for you to pick up.
  • At the Tank Factory next to Double Tap is a window seemingly held open by nothing. Blast it with the Guard of Fafnir and the trophy should pop up.
  • After going to the house with Pack-a-Punch, drop into the sewer and as you are being sent back to the spawn room, look up towards the top of the sewer. There should be a red light and switch that you must shoot as you pass under it. If it turns green, you can head back to the house again, and on the ground floor there should be a toilet now clogged with the trophy sitting in it.
  • In the Supply Depot, activate the Laser Trap for 1500 points. On the floor where the laser impacts, you should now be able to acquire the trophy.
  • Drop down from Speed Cola near the Supply Depot. Near the wall is a puddle of water. Aim the Dragon Strike on this spot to cause the trophy to spawn.
  • After acquiring the Gauntlet of Siegfried, head to the safe next to the shield build table. Release the whelp from the Gauntlet, and then punch the safe open. The trophy is inside.


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