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Bomb Challenge

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There are six bombs on the map that must be defused within a short amount of time in order or they will explode and kill anyone nearby. Make sure you know where every bomb on the map is and have someone nearby ready to activate them before starting a new challenge until this Challenge is done. There is a bomb in each area of the map planted on the wall. As soon as the Challenge is chosen, the map on the screen will flash each area in the order that you must defuse the bombs. It might be safe to record this with your phone in case you forget, but you need to tell your team the order immediately and communication is key to ensure the bombs are deactivated in the correct order. One wrong move and the game could potentially end. You will have less time the more players you have in the game, so with a full team it is crucial that every player is placed near one or two bombs before starting.


The bomb locations are:


[pics of all six locations]

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