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Activate the levers

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When you're back in a normal round after succesfull endevours in Round Infinity, Richtofen says you have to go to the Maze. If you head to the Maze, four levers with different colours (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) can be found on four different gates.


This step is all a matter of activating the levers in the right order, via trial-and-error.


If all four levers have been activated, all will spark electricity. However, if you've tried the incorrect order, the players have to return to the Town area and head back to the Maze again, to reset the levers.




Hint 1: If a lever has been activated at the correct position, it will spark after all four levers are activated. So say that the correct order is R-G-B-Y, and you have tried R-B-Y-G, though you've tried the incorrect order, the Red Lever is activated at it's right position so this one will spark after all four levers have been tried.


Hint 2: Sometimes, one of the levers won't spawn due to a glitch (yellow is the most occasional one). This can be helped by resetting the levers, so return back to the Town area.


Hint 3: If the players go into the Candy Shop, behind the counter, there will be 4 jars. Each have a color in them which represents the color of the levers. Reading them from left to right, while a good starting point, may or may not give the player the correct color order. Trial and error will be the best bet for everyone on the team. Remember to mark which possibilities have already been tried by the team.




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