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Anger and Bargaining

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  • Go back to the Warden's Ritual Room at the top floor of the Warden's house and put the Kronorium on the Warden's corpse.
  • Use the shield to look at the Kronorium, which will give you three numbers. Place these three numbers into the number generator down in the Citadel Tunnels and the lighthouse will show you the location of a portal.
  • Look at and blast the portal using the shield to begin the portal's challenge. There are 5 challenges, and if you mess up any challenge, you will have to repeat the beginning of this step with new numbers. Collect a red orb from each portal, which you will need to collect all of them to progress to Step 5. Here's an excerpt from r/codzombies pertaining to this step for each portal challenge:



    A lamp in the Warden's House will emit Morse Code which will need to be inputted into the machine located within the cage in the Warden's Office. If done correctly, a ghost boat will spawn at the Docks which can be revealed using the Spectral Shield. Navigate to the Infirmary and kill a Zombie near a medical table, turning it into a ghost, Spirit Blast the ghost to begin activate the soul box. Continue to kill Zombies near the ghost until all players are able to activate the ghost and cause it to begin moving. Escort the ghost to the ghost bot at the Docks. Once completed, a red stone will be placed in the HUD indicator.



    Michigan Avenue


    Locate the ghost in the Cafeteria and Spirit Blast it. Escort and defend the ghost until it reaches the Portal located in Michigan Avenue. All players must be together when this happens! Collect the red orb that drops near the ghost.


    New Industries


    Locate and Spirit Blast a blue ghost found in the prison. The ghost will begin to move, use the Spectral Shield's Key to drain the soul from the ghost until it turns red. The ghost will make its way to the New Industries building where the trap must be purchased before the ghost arrives, the ghost will walk into the trap and die. Collect the red orb that drops near the ghost.



    A ghost will spawn near the portal playing the banjo, activate the ghost to obtain the banjo and spawn blue circles on the ground. Stand within the circles to prevent taking damage, kill Zombies to collect souls. After each circle is complete, give the ghost his banjo and pick it up again. Complete this process until the circles no longer spawn, return the banjo to the ghost. Collect the red orb that drops near the ghost.



    Power House


    Use shield vision to see the spirit using the levers where the logic gate symbols are and shield blast it. Head down to docks and into the east side power room go to the back of the room and interact with a sparking generator, the room will go black and you play a game of Simon Says with the panels. Once you're done all of them will blink and the room will have all the lights turn back on. This needs to be done 5 times, once completed 3 of the machines will light up - note the logic gate symbols on these machines. Grab the punch card off the shelf in the middle of the room (with the candles), go to the upstairs room in spawn and place this card into the Gorod Krovi computer. The green monitors will light up, each with a symbol on them, interacting with a monitor shows the corresponding hobo/logic gate symbol. You must match the hobo symbols from the Spawn power room to the Logic Symbols from the Docks power room that were noted. Once a symbol is matched, go to the spawn power room and see the the spirit trying to pull the levers. When it attempts to pull the lever of the symbol you just matched, shield blast it. He will become visible outside of shield vision and will pull the lever successfully. Repeat this for the other 2 symbols that were on the lit up machines at docks. Once complete, a red orb (like the one at the end of shock and denial) will drop in front of the last lever you blasted.



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