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Acceptance and Hope

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  • There are two stages to the boss battle. Be warned this can be a timely step.
  • The first stage is just you and your team killing Zombies until Brutus appears.
  • The second stage involves Brutus charging up an attack. Red zones will appear on the ground. Step into the zones and shoot glowing red orbs floating above Brutus. After removing the orbs, shield blast Brutus.
  • An orb will now float above the Blood Machine in the center of the stage. Shield blast the orb.
  • Repeat Steps 1-3 a total of three times.
  • After the third time, have the Player who is Richtofen interact with the Blood Machine (A bot may spawn if the quest is being done in Solo/no Richtofen is available).
  • Take control of Primis Richtofen after a brief cutscene and make your way back to the Boss Fight entrance (where #4 of Step 6 took place). The ending cutscene will occur after your character enters the stage.

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