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Setting the clocks

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  • So the format of the three codes is [letter, number, number, number, number]. The letter indicates which house you need to go to and the number is the time that you need to set on the clock in each hours. (Example: If one of the codes that you got was A0115, you must enter the Yellow House and place the time 1:15 on the clock within that house). Make sure to input the times correctly or you will fail and have to interact with the TV next round again.
    The letters can be found on the mailboxes, however, the list is provided below:
    Letter to House List:
    A - Yellow House
    B - Green House
    C - Prisoner Holding
    D - Transfusion Facility
    E - Operations
    F - APD Interrogation



  • After setting all the clocks, find that house that was not included in the code. Interact with the clock and it will give you a time. The time is a code that you need to place into Rushmore. (Example: The time the clock gives you is 6:15. This means that you must input 0615 into Rushmore). After that, interact with Rushmore to complete the step.

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