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Zombies Theory: Richtofen 1.0 is shadow man

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An interesting theory. I don't necessarily believe it, but I like the idea that Richtofen and Maxis are like the mortal versions of Shadowman and Monty. From the Monty wisps, he speaks of the Shadowman like he was once a friend, and we can clearly see Maxis and Richtofen sharing a comradery. Would explain why Monty cannot seem to read what Richtofen is thinking, and he expresses his embarrassment in not understanding Richtofen in Gorod Krovi.


Interesting theory, I just can't see it being a reality with how they've set everything up.

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Thanks m8! I mean I didn't really explain it the best, but the main point of Richtofen being shadow man and maxis being monty was what I wanted to get across! Feel free to fix or add to what I wrote guys, love trying to crack this story 

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