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Void bow??!!!

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SO as i was watching the trailer in slow motion i noticed a box with 5 markings on it. and the middle symbol looks like the void bow symbol when your breaking the wall to get the arrow piece. i cant get an image but you can see for yourself at 1:07 of the video               (Video from Glitching Queens channel)


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If you are talking about that square plaque/sign/object to the left, that is an entirely different symbol. It actually seems to have five symbols that appear to be representing the something, four similar symbols and one in the center. Also, in the bottom right corner of that seemingly metal square, there seems to be the Group 935 logo.


I actually found this on the subreddit:


Not sure if this is actually it, but definitely looks similar. The "beacon" actually looks more like the Origins Mound. All of the text is pure speculation from whoever made this image, as well as the staves in the center.

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