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Nacht der Untoten

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Entry 114.98
It works! Like I said in the last entry, Die Glocke, the flightdevice, is transportated from the Der Riese facility to here, the airfield. Funny that they call this bunker “the airfield”, it doesn’t even has enough place for a plane to land. Every plane that would land here would crash, I am sure about that. But Die Glocke is no plane, its an antigravitydevice running by a Vrill element, or well, officer Hermann says so. Personally I think its only made by iron. But nothing of that matters: It works! I flies! To keep it hidden for the Allies, we tested it at night, when it was dark. My job is to control the red antennae on the roof of this building and at towers in the forrest. Very important, because otherwise the pilot wouldn’t see where he flies and he could crash our newest wunderweapon. Dr. Johnson, the American of whom I once wrote called today “A huge milestone in the history of science”. He said that Group 935 finally succeed in something.

Entry 114.99
This is a hell. Apparently it was true what officer Hermann said about the Vrill element. Yesterday, everything seemed fine with the tests, but Die Glocke left a bit of the element in the air when it flew around. This caused a resurrection of hunderds of dead soldiers. While they make the most awfull noises, they are attacking the bunker, right now. All soldiers were ordered to barricade the windows and doors, and let nothing inside until the Wehrmacht arrives here to clear this site of the undead. Fritz hid Die Glocke at the roof, to make sure it won’t be harmed by them. In case we won’t survive this, he has written messages on the walls in which he refers that the machine is hidden at the roof, for the Wehrmacht. Everybody is trying to keep the living dead outside, but our ammunition is running out. Dr. Johnson was sure we won’t survive this and he sent pictures of this bunker and an explanation of what we did here to his son in America, Marlton. How you may ask? A homing pigeon. Many times the old ways are the best. Everybody who tells family of what we do here will punished with death, even Dr. Johnson. But he didn’t care. He says we are dead anyway…

Entry 115
They are inside. We won’t make it. We won’t make it though this nacht der untoten.

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