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delete this please, ultimate video guide has all the answers i needed

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Dannymoe70    0

Ultimate video guide is the answer to my question,


Boss man delete this please,  thanks

I am sorry i looked i do not see the posts.

Can someone link  the post that tells how to upgrade all the bows?

So far I can...

Turn the power on

make the zombie shield

Feed the Dragons

This would be great,   you tube seems to be hit or miss on these videos and it would be nice to get a link to good ones.


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Dannymoe70    0

I have another question.

Basically it seems a player gave me the fire bow,  how? Is the question

I want to do that for people.  Here is the story, of what happen?

I was doing the steps for the purple bow.

He was a mic less player,  not talking,  but listening to me talk.

I shot the ceiling

I stabbed the zombie,  the mute player ran around with me showing me skulls,  i clicked on the skulls.

Now i was doing the crawlers,  i got like 2,  the mute player helped make crawlers, 

Now i think the next part is kill zombies and the sysbols drop,

Dam(simbols, sim balls, sysbol) can spell sim balls right now lol)

Anyway.....notthing ever dropped for me

And a few like rounds go by, maybe 5, i do not know,

and the mute player has me follow him or her to the basement and there is a fire bow for the taking,  i picked it up.

So thats the question how did i get the fire bow when i did not do anything but pick it up?

Thanks,   i do not know alot about this map yet.


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Dannymoe70    0

I forgot to hit the notify me of replies on the 2 above post.

Can you reply to this one instead?

I clicked notify me on this one


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