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Prestige Award, what is it? should i do it?

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Dannymoe70    0

I have been playing zombies for years,  but not cod black opps side of the game much at all.

I never would prestige in cod black opps because i am bad, and it takes me so long to get a kill let alone an attachment last thing i want to do is start over.

But zombies i like, i am good, so why not prestige? Or why would I?

So is it just a hey look at me i play alot and i am good?  Will i get any in game advantage that i do not have now?

What do i get for prestige besides for people seeing how great i am, and unlocking all the attachments again?





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Prestiging in zombies resets all your normal gobble gums, but you keep all your mega ones. 

Also all your weapons will lose all their attachments until you unlock them again. 

The reward for prestiging is you get to permanently unlock either a gobble-gum or gun so that when you prestige you don't  have to wait to unlock the gum or gun again. 

It's recommended the first gum you unlock is the incredibly useful "Alchemical Antithesis" gum. After that it's pretty much the same usefulness no mater what you unlock permanently. 

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PHD Whopper    1

I was also wondering the same thing, but SMM answered it above. I wish they would throw in some badass calling cards when you prestige like they did in Black Ops 2 Multiplayer.

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