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Textures changing as rounds go on?

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Has anyone noticed that as you play on the Giant, sometimes your hands, and part of your weapon will get a blue/yellow glow effect? I'm at work right now so I can't show anyone at this moment.


The only two times I've broke 30 rounds I start to notice the glow, if anyone remembers the crazy lighting effects on Elder scrolls: Oblivion it's like that, I used to know the name for it but forgotten. I just wanted to address it and see if anyone else is noticing it. It's probably a glitch but the theorist part of me wants to believe that something can be triggered as you break into higher rounds, I mean, the quotes between the characters don't stop in those rounds so there is definitely a chance.


I didn't get to look around the map much, or test weapons out on the environment because in our 3 man group, one was asleep by round 28 so we were just fighting for our lives lol.


Also, if anyone has seen this on Shadows of Evil let me know, I really haven't been playing that map as much as I should be, I think my highest round was 12. But if it's showing up in that map, it should be a good debunk to my half arsed theory.

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