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Character Idea: Bat-bot 12

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This is a personal character idea that has NOT in anyway been confirmed, it's just my idea that I'd like to share: 


This is a charging character, a special character who specializes in 1 thing: Your bio-energy. (In the game you will have to regulate how much energy you'll put into thrust jumping, long-range vision, night vision, and other things. )  



Gun: Charge beam. A special weapon that only works while the player is completely stationary. It turns your legs into generators see, that produce electricity. The electricity can be fired at team mates to re-fill their bio-energy that lets them do their thrust jumps and slides and long-vision and hacking and such. It can also be switched to a deadly overcharge beam that stuns and spreads enemy players. Just remember: YOU'RE STATIONARY NOW until you put the gun away!

Ability: Energy ball: When activated ALL the energy left in your character will be pulsed into a ball, like a burger-bomb or uplink drone from AW. When thrown the energy can wipe out plenty of people. If it's ALL the energy it's a bigger stronger radius. If it's smaller the blast will be smaller and weaker. Once your energy's gone, it's gone. And only you can depict how hindering that is. 

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