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Character Idea: Volture

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In black ops 3 there has been released evidence that there will be 9 custom classes released upon launch, four of which we know of as Ruin, Reaper, Seraph, and Outrider. 


That leaves 5 more characters, given there isn't a secret character or DLC character. 


SO here's one of my ideas for one of these characters, please note this is not a confirmed character, just an idea of mine: Volture

Volture is a human with only one augmentation: His eyes. 

Formally blind, his eyes are the result of a series of secret government nonsense. This allows him to see a radius ring, a bit like in SAO/GGO where you can see the possible places a weapon will hit when fired from the hip, or from ADS. Useful, both for discovering weapon nerfs, and for combat. 

His ability is scavenge, as can be implied by his name. He carries with him a special canister that can, in a matter of seconds, convert amo into amo volt can use.

As for his special weapon, he carries with him a very special set of shoes. Galvanized shoes that sends out a pacifying shockwave that doesn't kill, but stuns like a shock charge. He can activate it at any time by jumping, but the harder he lands the wider the pulse. Furthermore, sliding stuns enemy as well. 

The downside to Volture is his ability doesn't work in water, because realistically it would kill himself along with anything in the water. 

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