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Exo-Less classes

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Ok, so here's a thought of mine: 


We've seen, what? 3-4 of the 9 classes that will be in the game? And that got me thinking: Will all classes be alike? 

As in, will some classes have the thrust jump ability, some have normal movement standards, and some have the grapple to assist them? 


There would be advantages for each class: 

-Thrusters obviously have better control over mobility. But they don't move as fast in the air. 

-Foot soldiers would be faster then thrusters and grapplers, but not have the height accessibility. 

-Grapplers are both fast (when grappling) and mobile. But can't shoot while clinging to a wall, and can't use the grapple after it drains the battery (which the thrust jump does too but not on such a high level). 


Of course each class will come with it's own special abilities: 
Reaper's hand gun, the one shot kill pisol, ect. But now you have to assess each player's movement core as well. You may get reaper's glitch movement, but at the risk of losing the grapple abilities you enjoy... Decisions decisions... 

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