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Difference between exo-suits and "smart jump".

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It appears we are getting a form of exo-suit come BO3 from the teaser/cover-art photo.  However I don't believe this will correlate with the Suits from AW. (There has been no other info released on this btw, just my thinking) 


If there is exo-suits I believe they'd be more along the lines of wall-scaling rather than boost-jumping. Meaning we'll be given the ability to climb a wall, maybe even run up it and maintain momentum. But not be able to double-jump-boost into it. 


If I had to predict, I'd say the MP create-a-class system would be another pick 13 system only involving: 




-3 perks


-Exo abilities which include: -Sprinter (gains the ability to sprint up walls and dash forward) -Grapple -Stem -Cloak -Night-vision (allows for easier vision in darker maps, yes, light would now be a factor to deal with). Sonar (helps detect movement on mini-map). Detector (helps one smell out where bombs and other players can be around corners. ) 



What are your opinions on this? 

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These Exo-suits are unfinished products.

The idea was for the suits to be armoured.

The goal is a real Iron-Soldier.

See a mock up of a finished concept @ 1:26


Can't wait to see what Treyarch did with their exo-suits.

The sky is the limit with these things.

Now what I really want to see is a mech for my mech.

Hulk buster style:

Think Matryoshkas Exo-Suits.


Sort of a Hulk buster for the Hulk buster.

Anyway I digress.

Not long now.

Regards Alpha.

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