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Codz Staff Twitter Names (Updated Feb. 1, 2014)

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Here are the Twitter names for the staff members of CoDz! These could come in handy if the site goes down and you need a way to contact us. Contacting a staff member via Twitter in some cases will yield a faster response than a Private Message, as well. Please note that staff members that do not have a known Twitter account will not be posted here for obvious reasons.

Strwrsbob: @Strwrsbob
carbonfibah (Retired/Founder): @carbonfibah
Hells Warrrior: @Hells_Warrrior
Official CoDz Twitter: @CoDzombieforum


Boom: @Boom935
Flammenwerfer: @FlammenwerferIV
InfestLithium: @InfestLithium
l GRILL l: @GRILLofficial
DeathBringerZen @DeathBringerZen
Lenne @Lenne
ChopperNaotr @ChoppeNator

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This topic is now closed to further replies.