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Prison Break (crossover)

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Author's Note: This is a crossover from MyLittleHellhound's story, Prison Break.

You can find MyLittleHellhound's crossover of my story, Sinking, by clicking on this.

:D Enjoy



Andrew peered out over the island, peering at the jungle from the tallest tower of the prison that now lay in ruins, charred black bodies of both the living and undead littering the grounds below him. He was alone; there was no one left save for zombies that wandered around the island and his dog, his best friend, the orphaned stray he rescued from the blazes of the prison fire as the riots broke out.

     Diego was different.

     Now all he had was a dog.

     Andrew looked down, at the rubble these things had caused. He couldn’t decide what he hated more—imprisonment with lots of people around, or slavery with no one around. He checked his weapon and reminded himself to keep two rounds left if he ever had to use it.

     One for him.

     As the sun set, Andrew began to feel drowsiness pull on his eyelids. He was still thinking of food as he closed his eyes. That night, he dreamt of locking himself in the cupboards, sealing himself in and the plague out, and gorging himself to death.

Andrew awoke, startled. Diego was barking, thick black coat glimmering under the tropical moonlight. Andrew jumped up, sleepiness exiting his body and mind all at once, and grabbed his .50 cal. The weapon itself was one that could not be underestimated. He found it up here, once he was pushed back by the undead. Andrew soon realized its value for dispatching zombies farther away than the reach of his pistol and his carbine. In that day alone, he killed six undead so far away that they could not be seen with the naked eye. In addition, Andrew also found an infrared scope with rechargeable solar batteries that could be easily equipped to the rifle. He assumed it was up here so the sniper could deal with sharpshooting any escapees that happen to be making a run for it during the night, when conventional scopes simply would not do the job.

     Screwing on the infrared site to the Barrett, Andrew gazed down the scope. His heart skipped a couple beats when he saw the figures striding along the shore. Living people. Behind them, a small yacht was beached. Andrew gulped.

     He looked to the forest. Undead were slowly shambling to meet them. All at once, he realized that if he did not protect them, warn them of the threat that awaited them on this island. Not just the zombies, but the other creatures. The chemicals.

     Taking a deep breath and resting his crosshairs over the undead, he fired the first shot.

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Awesome, and just as nice as I thought it would be :)

This crossover stuff is pretty fun to write, I'll say.

Oh and you'll get your brains, just have to wait a bit [brains] :)

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