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  1. is anyone active? the website seems to be full of ghosts 

    1. InfestLithium


      Due to the lackluster ending of Revelations and a new surge with Zombies in Spaceland, the entire Zombies community is hanging low until we can gather more theories or info about the current story.

    2. anonymous


      Exacly, but we'll get back to the talking once we found more stuff and theories about the story of BO3 and ZiS. But to get stuff about the story, we need more discussions, ideas and talking on this site. It's a loop. And we must break it.

    3. ninjanewson1
  2. Online now! PSN: ninjanewson1 

  3. Want to play?

    Yo! My name is Rahsaan and I am an avid zombies guy. I am not very interested in AW or BO3 anymore and was wondering if anyone wanted to play some throwbacks? I'm looking for some people to play with in WAW or BO. Please save me from the scrubs in Black Ops and all the mods in World At War. I have a playstation 3 (psn: ninjanewson1) and usually play for most of the day.