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  1. 360 The Giant July 5

    Why would you play BO3 on 360 or PS3? They're both inferior ports that don't even get the DLC support.
  2. I Played Nightmares And....

    It's boring, like really ungodly boring. I had to rage at the TV in order to keep my mind going. No music, the only dialogue is the earths most boring narration, and the gameplay is an inferior version both the main BO3 Campaign AND Zombies. You might as well have written a book about BO3 Nightmares' story, because that's how it plays out, like a book. Screw this mode, one level was all I needed.
  3. DLC 3 Trailer Drop Thread

    Okay, this is the most metal Zombies map we've ever had, I mean were killing Zombies with Dragons. Dragons guys, frickin Dragons. Cue the Avenged Sevenfold, baby.
  4. After taking a break from Zombies during the B02 era I never played COD: Ghosts Extinction mode or Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies. Was I the only one here who opted to skip or were they just not as good as Treyarch's take on Zombies?
  5. How did it start for you?

    I got World at War as a christmas gift from my parents when I was 12 and was honestly more into the campaign at the time. Imagine my surprise at the end of it all though, when the Zombies mode was introduced to me at the tail. In spite of that I chose to skip the DLC's for World at War and didn't pick Zombies back up until B01. Playing Kino Der Toten with my brother was what really got me hooked on it and i've been a fan ever since.
  6. Introducing Myself

    Thanks for making me feel welcome! :)
  7. If they were to do that then it would have to be two groups of two. Because imagine the nightmare that would occur if you were downed all alone, you kinda need someone on back up. Other than that though, I'd like to see this concept return.
  8. Introducing Myself

    Hey guys, Smellbringer's the name, and if you're wondering why I call my self that, it's because my smell is the smell of death for all Zombies. Conveniently, the smell of zombie death also smells like Strawberries.