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  1. Anybody else miss BO2?

    Im really hoping they add in at least a few old maps. Putting two in from BO1 and two from BO2 would make everyone happy. DLC5????
  2. Jason Blundell answers our questions [kinda]

    I think the black ball from the moon Easter egg is the summoning key. You've gotta wonder if he even knows some of the answers that he passes on.
  3. "TheGiant" Cipher

    Some of the unsolved cyphers have to be unsolvable for now. DLC 3 and 4 should provide more information that will help the community.
  4. SoE Easter Egg

    I feel like the gateworms from the easter egg are going to play a bigger role in the story. The new icons they put into the game have the worms on them.
  5. The Projector Images (and they're juicy)

    I cant believe Pablo has such a big role in the story now. I love how they're bringing so much old information back into the story. All of the characters seem to relate to the apothocan in some way.
  6. IT EXISTS! Spider Bait weapon!

    Whats the earliest round this can be done by? It looks awesome. I love treyarch for this kind of stuff
  7. All Ciphers

    I cant wait to see the Ray Gun Mark 3. I hope they explain who created the second one as well.
  8. Easter Egg Completion Icons

    I completed the Easter egg on The Giant and Shadows of evil on PS4 but I don't see the icons anywhere. It is interesting that they keep adding code to The Giant and Dark Ops achievements though.