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  1. So for my first post on Codz i want to talk about a cool theory i have about DLC 3 and how Dr Monty will be a part of it and his connection to this aspects version of Nikolai. As we know our test subjects never made it to the moon, therefore they were in other places as we have seen so far with Dempsey and Takeo however we have no idea where and how Nikolai is being kept or if he is being kept at all. Meanwhile personally i believe he is being held captive in Stalingrad by Dr Monty. What makes me think this? First of all we know Dr Monty has ties with group 935 aswell as Maxis and Richtofen as his blueprints are scattered on 'The Giant' the blueprints show the KN-44 which was manufactured in the Black Ops story in Russia therefore Dr Monty having blueprints of the weapon with his signature on suggests he is also situated in Russia and was in some sort of development/research team of creating the weapon before he moved onto gobblegums. Dr Monty having these connections with 935 suggest he is a part of the group itself or was brought in from another group possibly the 'ascension group' who are also based in Russia to help create the weapon, eventually the weapon is made and the blueprints are sent out to all 935 bases after this Monty's work is now complete and so he goes back to the 'ascension group' to work on there next project or he remains in 935 where he works on improving a soldiers ability which comes in the form of a 'gobblegum' which can be sent to troops on the battlefield and can be mass produced. However Monty takes the research and forms his own scientific team/group to further create the gobblegums we see today, now be a leading manufacturer and creator of gobblegums he has the market at his fingertips and strikes a deal with the former group he was a part of 'group 935' and starts to produce gobblegums for them and eventually 'division 9' this is why we see the machines everywhere. Meanwhile Monty needs to test all his current gobblegums on a human subject before they can be used on the front lines so he needs 'test subjects' due to his relationship with 935 he becomes aware of two captured soldiers one who is known as 'Nikolai' and his unnamed brother. The soldiers are given to group 935 but they have no need for them so Monty requests them to be used a test subject for his developmental gobblegums. Therefore 935 agree and Nikolai and his brother ends up a prisoner at Monty's facility in Stalingrad. Also it should be noted that the battle of stalingrad was originally won by Nazi's due to the origins giants and other 935 experiments however the allies forces are now trying to retake back Stalingrad. Monty gives his 4 test subjects which include Nikolai and his brother a whole host of new gobblegums which are still in development and force them to fight as a 4 man elite squad in the ongoing battle against the allied forces who are now attacking Stalingrad in hopes to take it back. However the test subjects haven't taken well to the gobblegums and are quickly slain in battle apart from one test subject (Nikolai) where the gobblegums have worked but at the same time his memory which was previously wiped after first being captured by group 935 has returned he can now see into his past and has gained supernatural powers which allow him to see visions of himself in other aspects and all the previous lives he has led including his 'many wives' from each life. Monty now has a situation where one of his 'test subjects' who now have this powers from the gobblegums he has gave them has gone rogue and is hiding out in the city which relates to a cipher we have found in Zetsubou: Thats my idea for DLC 3 and what story i would tell if i was creating the map.
  2. Tom

    I Shall Begin By Saying Hello

    its a strange one to get into course wise i did a games programming course at college and then kind of left the programming path and went to the art side but then i jumped back into the coding/programming side during the course though but if you just wanna get an idea i recommend downloading unreal engine 4 its free for everyone and then using some tutorials to get idea its easy to use and you dont need uni to understand it really, its industry standard software aswell the new doom is made entirely from that engine
  3. Tom

    I Shall Begin By Saying Hello

    its going really good thanks, lot of work but its good so far.
  4. Hello (I did not lie) So where to start, my name is Tom im currently 19 years old and studying 'Game Design' at Staffordshire University, also im a massive zombie enthusiast, i love to share theories and ideas on the storyline and help the community in anyway i can. I look forward to speaking to some of you soon.

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