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  1. slow zombies all game?

    Only major change that I have seen was that the zombies that would spawn after flipping the lander switch. If you would fling instead of finishing the step it would spawn 10 zombies around the map so you could get points and upgrade all bows by round 3...but that has been fixed...I never knew it was a glitch...I thought it was like the zombie multiplier thing in SoE.
  2. The bridge..? Eating my brains.

    The truck was filled with anti gravity urns, (urns with the blue glow) looks as though the truck was blown up breaking these urns. Might have some thing to do with a different EE or something hidden but I think it was only for aesthetics. I was wondering about all the multiple phonograph's around the map...
  3. help me!

    You need to capitalize on pistol shot to knife for max pints buy no guns...buy no perks...as you knife zombies you should be backing up to not catch an unexpected nuke...stay away from insta-kills also...by round 6 you should have the lightning bow completed...not twelve