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  1. Aside from the title(LEL) I made this because I'm wondering what(if any) weapons would be returning from previous games. Because, call me a heathen, I like the SMR and Grenade Launcher. First off, the SMR, requires accuracy, most CoD players I've ever met never had that(no offence). The Grenade Launcher, I'm an explosives man. If you ever saw my Fallout New Vegas character you'd be lucky, because I blow him and my enemies up in smoke with a tactical mini nuclear launcher. Aside from that I hope the Type 25 never comes back. That gun had terrible fire rate and accuracy.
  2. The Unofficial Buried Reference Guide

    I'm sure we all appreciate the effort but I actually know a lot of this already. I've been playing Buried since day one, and I've seen all the good spots etc. Ah well, some might not be that good at Buried(or otherwise) and might need this.
  3. Plasma Weaponization & Der Wunderwaffe

    Cold Cell Batteries sound like Nitrogen-Atomic batteries which create a plasma like substance upon firing the trigger of the ray gun.
  4. Plasma Weaponization & Der Wunderwaffe

    Very interesting indeed. Have to ask though, anything about cold cell technology? I heard that somewhere that the Ray Gun uses cold cell ammunition. Feel free to bullshit me on that but it interests me. Another thing, why exactly does the Vunder Vaffe jump to other zombies(I am aware of the "jumps" lightning strikes take as well)? I feel so newby right now, I've been letting myself go, plus my coffee is horrible.
  5. Hey... I'm new here.

    Seems swell. Also, yes, G+, unfortunately it's my second addiction aside from cigarettes. I should definitely vape. Anyway thanks, I decided to have a quick zombies match solo before I came back, it was an SMR only thing. I really love the SMR.
  6. Hey... I'm new here.

    The title says it all, I'm new here, though I have Gmail if you want to talk more, because I likely won't always be here, but rather on my G+(Vintage Misery for that as well)