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  1. A place to post ANY Tranzit ideas left over for undiscoverd egg(s)

    Cummon guys! Just because we haven't found the easter eggs doesn't mean there are none. Of course there is whether it is in the files or not? We know by now that they are heavily invested in zombies by now that we really should be scouring the old maps b4 bo3 releases? Remember the new radios they added in some of the old maps? And with tranzit i mean frankly the fault lies with us for not having the patience to work it out properly. Obviously there are certain instructions in given in tranzit that we neglected to follow, thus results in a 2 year long ee that 3arch prob. regret they made because we wasnt resourceful enough. There is an endgame of sorts.... death is not the only way. You Must Ascend From Darkness.... Only when the Beginning Becomes the End will everything be whole...Take what you have learned.. and do not forget....
  2. Dr. Maxis and the Trichotomous Scalene Obtuse Triangle

    This is the most solid and sound theory yet. If it is a specific shape that Maxis wants us to make then i could see how we are overlooking the right way. I mean there has to be more, now that all the dlcs are out that proves that whatever is in tranzit was in it all along. The next step is So simple we must be overshooting it by along shot. Obey the Voices....