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  1. For hardcore, I said "With the exception of Wonder Weapons and Machine guns", which means no LMG's or Ray guns/WW. Plus... Galil is an Assault Rifle. Decreased experience or not, some of the perma perks are completely game changing. I just don't like the idea of them being re-added. Or just have a small alert pop up on your screen when you alter custom mode, that says something along the lines of: "You have edited the gamemode. All scores will not be kept". Either would work though. I like that idea. As long as it's not a rip off of Halo, i'm fine.
  2. About stat resets; I suggested that mainly for ANYONE who had just recently bought the game. Sure, stats are stats. They define how good you are and what not. But if you just started Zombies and begin with terrible ratios, massive amounts of deaths, ect. No matter how good you begin to do later in your Zombie career, you most likely will never get the rank you want. (Coming from me, I have such an impaired ratio that even me getting several round 50+ games in a row, I know I'll never reach Skull with knife) Of course, as "Stop mocking me0" said, have a cooldown inbetween wipes. Yes, the future can keep going and going. But traditional Call of Duty just seems... More appealing to me. I dont like the idea of all this futuristic gear and exo suits, which just make the game more focused about flying through the air. Private matches and Custom matches are essentially the same thing, aren't they? The party mode you suggested sounds neat, although that could simply be added to Custom games as a type of setting/mode. I don't like the idea of perma perks. Makes the maps too easy, especially perks like perma-jug. I'd much rather see these removed as a whole. Meh. I labeled this as Hardcore for the soul intention of making this suggested mode as intense as can be. The purpose of this would make the rounds very hard to survive, which would mean players would probably not get much farther than 20 or so. But hey, that's hardcore, right? ...Plus; I prefer the Galil over all the Machine guns anyways. Wouldn't be that bad, haha. That's a good idea as well. Although I'd rather see the Flamethrower introduced as a WonderWeapon or some sort. Didn't think about that one, haha. Guess that's an idea I should have sought out for flaws. Tranzit should never, ever be repeated. I didn't like the way Buried had every single part all in one room, and every single buildable MIXED in that one room. I enjoyed the Mob of the Dead and Origins style map though. Also, don't get me wrong. I enjoy using the Zombie shield, I just think there should be something more unique to take its place in the new Cod.
  3. Below are 13 ideas I have thought up of/found that I believe would be a great improvement to the next generation of Zombies. Keep in mind, most of these ideas are relating to Black ops 2 Zombies, as Exo-Zombies is disgusting. #1. No more future Lately the Call of Duty franchise has drifted towards progressively making the games based off of future times. World War 2, Present time, and 100 years in the future. When has it gone too far? We don’t want a copy of Halo without Halo suits; we want good old Call of duty. Sure, futuristic games have their specialties and new ideas to introduce; but it’s just going too far. #2. Better ranking system The ranking system in Black ops II zombies was very difficult to understand and to this day, still confuses many Codz players. If the ranking system did mimic it’s previous system from Bo2, a better reasoning for ranking/de-ranking would be appreciated. #3. Resetting stats If you’re like me, you got Black ops 2 and experienced Zombies for the first time. This meaning, you probably got tons of downs and all around terrible K/Ds. But after being bad for so long, once you begin to actually start becoming good at Zombies, your ratio is damaged beyond repair. Meaning you can get a 2000/1 ratio and only go up around 1-2 ratio-wise. Resetting stats would be helpful for players to get a second chance at Zombies and actually achieve the higher ranks they’ve always dreamt of. #4. Solo Easter-Eggs. Black ops II zombies based all it’s Easter-Eggs around teammates. And with regular zombies luck, you get paired up with randoms that leave the second after they’re downed. Having a way to do Easter-Eggs as a single person would be a nice addition. #5. Custom Maps Personally, this is my most-wanted addition to Zombies. Having players be able to make custom maps and upload them for other players to play would be amazing! Of course, people can say it won’t be added because people could ‘out-map’ their DLC’s, which leaves a simple solution. Make custom map tools purchasable? Going off of that, if you had an unlockable to convert multiplayer maps to zombies without any Easter eggs, it would be very exciting. Just think, playing Zombies on Hijacked. Beautiful. #6. Custom Games add towards Leaderboards Title says it all. As long as no options are modified, what’s wrong with getting with your friend and trying to get a new record for highest round with 2 players? #7. Saving Self-explanatory. Ever made it to a new record for your zombies game, but you need to go? You need to take a break? The solution is saving! Of course, the saving feature would only save until you die. This would mean players couldn’t simply reload a save just because they died. It’d be used only for saving a game where you are and coming back later. #8. More melee weapons Besides the few melee weapons already in zombies, it would be nice to introduce some other melee-based weapons. Maybe even purchasable weapons off the wall or in the mystery box! Ranging from a katana to a chainsaw, adding more of these close-quarter weapons would spice things up. #9. Zombie counter A zombie counter would basically just be an area on your screen that would display the amount of zombies left in the match. This could help players tell how long the wave will last and how many trains they need to blow through. #10. Fix de-spawning We’ve all been through the point where we need to get shit done without a round going on. Simple solution: Save a zombie/crawler and lead it around until you are finished. This seems like a good idea of course, but since your crawler is slower than cement, it’ll de-spawn the second you leave its vision. This can happen with zombies that are sprinting as well. Yes, no one wants to finish their mission and then play hide and seek with a crawler; so just make your crawler/zombie re-spawn close to you after a short period of time without being close to it. #10. Fixed/New Zombie gamemodes With black ops 2, new gamemode’s were introduced with Zombies that include Grief and turned. This increased the selection of Zombie gamemodes up to four, leaving regular, survival, turned, and grief. However, turned was only added onto two maps and got stale FAST. Grief was a good idea, but there was nothing to really help your team strive better than the next team. Maybe if there was more actions to screw up the opposing team, grief would be a big hit. But since the only way you can actually screw up your zombie-surviving opponents is smacking butterflies out of them, it’s not very aggressive. Going off of that, I will share my opinions on how to fix these modes to be more enjoyable, and what modes should be added to the list! Turned: Instead of making turned only feature the few players that join, why not take an entirely different turn on the gamemode? Think about it this way; what if Turned was a single-life survival, just like normal, but when you die and lose your only life, you will be reincarnated as a zombie/boss zombie. There would be a cooldown to your spawning as a zombie, and you would be able to choose where and when you would like to spawn during a round, just to ruin your friend’s lives. Spawning either as a sprinter in an ‘only walking’ wave, to spawning in as a Warden/Panzer, this would be an enjoyable mode to introduce. Grief: Just like the original Grief mode, there would be two teams consisting of 2-4 players that would compete to see who could last the longest. But instead of having the bland and stale ‘knifing butterflies out of people’, why not add more ways to mess with your loving opponents? This could include: Disarming the mystery box/perks until the other team can fix it, actually being able to shoot at your opponents (Damage would be very decreased so it would not be bland player vs player), or maybe even perks that could be saved for just the right moment to blind the enemy’s team for a short period of time. Hardcore: All players only receive one life to tamper with. Mystery box no longer distributes machine guns or ray guns. Wall weapons found inside the map are randomized to anything that could normally be found inside of the mystery box. Zombies progress in health/speed 2x faster than normal. Zombies can get to the point of ‘galloping’ on all fours after the player, which would result in zombies that are just as fast as the regular person. Perks are nerfed. (Ex. Juggernog makes players die after 3 hits instead of 4) Pack-a-Punch has a chance to break down and give you the wrong gun. #11. Second pack a punch Pack-A-Punching your gun twice was introduced in Black ops II, although not In the way players expected. Packing a weapon twice only resulted in a new clip or a new attachment, which most players did not care to waste their money on. Of course, we don’t want players getting maxed out weapons early on, so limit packing to 2 times and add a “Round2Reach” system. Meaning a second pack-a-punch was only accessible after a certain round. (Ex. Round 30) Packing twice would give the gun a badass camo (like in origins) and the usual upgrades produced from packing. #12. Upgraded MysteryBox Alright, what if there was an Easter-Egg/Process that players could go through in each map that would upgrade the Mysterybox? An upgraded mystery box would produce a randomized Pack-A-Punched weapon for the cost of let’s say… 4500? This could be a big gamble to sacrifice that much money in exchange for what could be a packed Five-seven, but you may just get lucky and receive a Porter’s Raygun! #13. Buildables The buildables in Bo2 ranged from all parts in one room for something good, to all parts scattered around the map for something utterly useless. First of all, I almost never build the Machinegun-Lawnmower in Tranzit, due to it needing a turbine to power it and I’m pretty sure that it can kill you. Not to mention that the Jet Gun parts are so scattered throughout the map, that it’s actually a hassle to obtain it. Then the JetGun just breaks within 20 seconds of using it. In Buried, you had so many buildables like the Jet Gun rock, the Chainsaw glued to a wall, and the tramplesteen. Having all of these made Buried incredibly easy to camp in a one-way area such as the top floor of the saloon and the Juggernog area. If buildables were to be added again, I’d prefer the buildables to not be so plentiful, and to be more within range. Also, stop adding the zombie shield ffs. Something more unique would be nice. Alright. That's my input on this. =)
  4. Welcome to the forums Accelerate :)