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      Welcome aboard, nice to have you around. Any questions just ask, we'll be happy to help.

  2. 115 real and wunderwaffe.

    Hello. My name is THEGAMINGTUBE233. I am a new member. As you know the wunderweapons are powered with element "115". Now the wunderwaffe was made by nazi germans in world war 2. 115 was discovered in 2004 and named ununpentuim or CAS ID:54085-64-2. This was found as a rock suspected to be given to us by Aliens. This was shown on the history channel on "Files Of Hanger 1" with files on the research facility called "MUFON" and the wunderwaffe was said on a word war 2 show. But how did the nazis make the wunderwaffe without the element 115? did they build one of the time machines from nazi zombies first shown in "Der Riese" and also shown in "Kino Der Toten"? It makes no sense because the wunderwaffe has 115 in it and was made around 1945. You can look up the wunderwaffe on the google search but it doesnt work and only shows the gamer version. Now try looking up "Wunderwaffe nazi germany". It pops up with the wikipedia showing the term for wunder-weapons "SUPERWEAPONS" highlighted in red. Thats the question. Why is it highlighted in red? Could it mean something bad? Or worse?
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