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  1. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    Take no offense, friendo. We come across several people every pre-release of a new Treyarch title about some false information regarding Zombies. Most of them blatantly spread lies just to get attention, while others are misled by popular YouTubers (of which are also spreading around their own "ideas" as false information). If you come across something like this again, be wary of where you get your information from. If you learned about some potential news leading to Zombies, it's best to just share the source you got it from; otherwise, if you say "well this is gonna happen" with no credibility, specific sources, or anything, then people will be quick to assume that you're one of the common liars. The point I was trying to make is I didn't say "well this is gonna happen". Don't worry though, if people get back on topic I'll only be reading the theorys people are saying. What a way to welcome your new users.
  2. Perk, guns and map ideas!

    Hello this thread by me is just a few ideas I have come up with some serious and ones I extremely want others I could live without. 1. Random starting pistol. I commented this on another persons post and have decided to include it here. The idea is that each player gets a different starting pistol just to add that little bit of variety. It doesn't have to be Dempsey always has the M1911 or anything like that. Problems with this is solo players may just keep backing out until they get the M1911 so they can have mustang and sally. 2. Pro-perks I will not go in depth because this is Speed colas idea but it is a very good one which I hope is added into the game. 3. Map of treyarch Obviously this won't happen but it would be quite good if there was a map of their studios and they added all the little troll things they do into the map. 4. Old maps and revisited There has been a growing theory that old maps may be revisited and I for one will be happy to see that. I think they should add guns from previous games like an Mp40 on ascension even if it isn't in multiplayer. Also, maybe if the storyline requires it more of the map is opened up so we could maybe explore all of der riese. 5. Song re-activation On most maps you can activate the song within five rounds (maybe a few more) and even though you can save it for anytime you want it would be good if you could activate it multiple times. I would also like multiple sonts and returning songs like elina sigmen (sorry for spelling). I wilk update when I have more ideas and it isn't so early in the morning
  3. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    Spreading a theory* I was only informing people there might be one. You make me sound like I am trying to trick everyone.
  4. New line of starting pistols

    A good idea is if people got a random one out of four. One person with M1911, one with mauser etc.
  5. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=j_knFiNhHh8around 16mins wasn't as much as I thought but something
  6. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    And the hint was? I can't remember there is youtuber who talked about it so I just accepted it. He had evidence I'm pretty sure.
  7. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    Apparently there is/going to be a website like last time. It was supposedly hinted in the dice stream.
  8. Welcome to the forums Ben115Zombies :)