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  1. Gravity falls: Ok show, Great for conspiracy shiz!

    I've watched the show since the first season and honestly, since we got the newest episode already and this big secret came out at the end (hopefully you know) im a little scared of it ending (I MEAN LIKE end end AS in this will be last season) :/
  2. Hello!

    I am Andrew, Rookie zombie-theorist, Always falls for scams, Gets called a jerk FOR NO REASON, Sadly 13 and prone to bullying since well I'm 13 and play COD, Pretty much that one guy who stays on a COD zombies website, Born follower, scared of spiders and insects, hates micro-transactions, runs out of things to say easily, likes Big Macs. OK you have met me, obviously I'm new but since I'm 13, I'm the "Instagram using **** of this generation, like everyone else." guy and obviously I make theories and then I talk about proof/non-proof BUT HEY GUESS WHAT!? I HAVE NO LINKS! SOOOO..obviously I look like a liar, UHHHH I mean I get us kids can't say what we want But my god i hate when i can't find a link and I stand here being called a liar. SORRY OFF-TOPIC, Anyways..Nice to meet you! see-ya!
  3. CODWAW CZ Breaking Bad Map Idea

    Before we start, a "this" part might occur later sooooooo....HEAR ME OUT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Map Name: Breaking Dead Location: White Residence, New Mexico 2019 Player Models Police Officer (1 Player) CSI Operative (1 Player) CDC Agents (2 Players) AREAS OF MAP White Residence (all parts of house in show ARE IN the house ALSO power is activated is in the basement) Front Yard Teleporter (You can use to travel to Jesse's House, Gus' Lab, Jesse's Trailer AND Saul's Office) Jesse's House Jesse's Trailer (the one they cook meth in) Gus' Lab Saul's Office SPECIAL ZOMBIES/FEATURES Perk Machines Teleporters Equippable Exo Suits Power Switch Mystery Box Hellhounds Exo suited Zombies ETC. (Item wise) Those "kino der toten' gas zombies Napalm Zombies (shangra-la) Shouting Zombies (shangra-la) Those jumping zomies from "die rise" Brutus (Mob of the dead) george romero ((call of the dead) BUT make him look like walter white) I NEED HELP TO MAKE THIS MAP NOW HERES WHAT I WANT WHEN YOU MAKE THESE (Remember when I mentioned 'this" in the beginning of this Topic? THIS IS IT!) I wont pay you, you must do this for free make loading screen art Every Map (excluding WAW maps AKA everything not WAW) must take place between 2016-2040 Every map (excluding anything BUT WAW....aka this is for WAW only) must take place between 1932-2000 You must include any random events, hellhounds, AND SPECIAL ZOMBIES! You must email Me at Nerfoy48@gmail.com with progress photos/videos AND you must ask ME what the character models should be ok? ok. (next request is where we hit a problem) Credit me for idea of turning map into zombies map BUT YOU credit yourself for EVERYTHING ELSE! (development, random events, building models, ETC.) NOW LET US TALK QUICK i know it takes a whole month to make a multiplayer map into a zomies map and i know you think its unfair i get credit for idea of map BUT I GET CREDIT FOR IDEA OF MAP! YOU GET CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING ELSE! ALSO, YOU ONLY NEED TO CHOOSE ONE GAME OF THE LIST....NOT ALL OF THEM! Now i'm gonna stop right here BUT work on these and help me please? Thank you. SOOOO....Yeah!
  4. Welcome to the forums Andrew The Bouncing Betty :)