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  1. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    So basically hinting at Zombie Blood in Origins
  2. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    Just going to give my food for thought on the "Remastered Maps" I feel that due to Next Gen and a possibility to have new players playing Zombies for the first time they would like to have people play these old maps maybe for the first time. But why they would put a new weapon on the wall if its a remastered Der Riese I do not know why, like on BO1 they kept all the classic weapons on the walls. Unless all old weapon files have been removed from the game but maybe the Wonderweapons will be back (If they were created/researched in this loop/timeline). I would like to see all W@W - BO2 maps remastered will be nice to play them on a newer console with without some of the last gen issues. I'm sure what ever the Zombies team are working on will be fun for a whole year and then some!
  3. Welcome to the forums x ImJakeyy :)