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  1. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    LOL, I know.
  2. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    Maybe, but remember, the world is either destroyed by Maxis, or tooken over by Richtofen
  3. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    What about getting the PPSH-41 back? Or a gun with the same stats but reskinned into another gun? Or a buildable that gives you a gun with unlimited ammo? (As you can see, I like unlimited ammo)
  4. Future Zombies Treyarch Hints from DICE Chat

    If y'all want my 10 cents, for Jugg that is, I'm willing to bet that someone is going to make a storyline that brings all the Regular Campaigns from ALL of the CODs into Zombies. I saw WaW circled (No duh) but the rest were other COD games (also no duh). Y'all think that there might be something with the Campaigns. I don't know, Soap comes back as a Zombie but Price and Nikolai cure him? Lemme know! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Also, @Stop mocking me0 I would absolutely love to see custom maps, perks, weapons, easter eggs, and buildables. They're on my topic.
  5. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    @Tac, just throw out ideas on what should be in a zombies-exclusive game! There could be training tutorial maps, or camping tips, or stuff. Maybe, you could make your own perks, buildables, weapons and even Easter Eggs. Wouldn't that be cool? For a storyline, I don't know, maybe Richtofen ultimately ends up with all of the Aether/Agartha power and controls Earth via Zombies. Then, new characters, or the old Russman-Marlton-Misty (Stuhlinger is richtofen's host) group could team up with Nikolai, Tank, and Takeo to destroy Richtofen. Now, List some ideas!
  6. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    Maybe, you could even record your own soundtrack and add it into a map....the options are limitless in a zombies-only game.
  7. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    I do like this idea, maybe a compromise: Zombies campaign, where you have to do easter eggs and complete the storyline and Survival, just kill the zombies, do Easter Eggs for weapons and such.
  8. What if there was a game dedicated to zombies?

    What if you can buy DLC for a Zombies-Only game? It may not be a good idea, given that you could build your own maps like in WaW, but Treyarch is more skilled at maps.....
  9. Before we get started, YES. I do know that there are other games dedicated to zombies only. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What if Treyarch/Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer made a CoD game specifically dedicated to zombies? Think about it: there would be more memory to put in more maps, weapons, and other features. Yes, there would still be multiplayer, but multiplayer survival or grief. Instead of having 3 base maps, there could be 7 or 8 maps. Even a "Zombies Campaign", where it shows all the maps and easter eggs to finish the storyline. Even better, like in WaW, you could build your own maps and even have your own perks, weapons, and easter eggs in those maps. There could be better leaderboards, ranking systems, and maybe if you rank up, you could start off with a perk or a different weapon or something. Well, share your ideas in the comments! (First topic......HECK YEAH!)
  10. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    OK, so for a wunder weapon to be...well wonderus, its got to have 3 factors. 1. Can it destroy alot of zombies in 1 hit? Probably the most important one. If it can't destroy a lot of zombies, then it's just a regular weapon. That said, the idiots who play with the War Machine, from BO2, don't have a wunder weapon. (or a weapon at all, that thing SUCKS) 2. Does it do damage to yourself? Well, this basically makes the RPG not a wunder weapon. Yes, even in the beginning rounds, the RPG still has some merit, definitely a lot more than the stupid War Machine. Anyways, what's the point of having a strong weapon when it can EASILY KILL you instead? Yeah, no. Although PHD Flopper will be good for this, best not to use it. 3. Can it last you high rounds? If this wunder weapon only gets you to like Round 20 and is worthless...it's not a wunderweapon, sorry Wind staff fans. BONUS POINTS: If it has alot of ammo.....(PARALYZER FTW. KILLS AND UNLIMITED AMMO) Kills multiple zombies in one hit....but it SPREADS out.....(Lookin at you sliquefier) can burst the 4 perk limit on BO2 zombies.....yeah, specifically aimed at the Ice staff. I love that weapon so much. BTW this is my first post......Hi guys!
  11. Welcome to the forums xACE_OF_AWSOMx :)