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  1. This map does not require T4M (I know lots of people don't like T4M so I tried my hardest not to use it) :) If your having a problem running the map go to your texture settings and set Specular map resolution to high, if that doesn't work please check how to fix it on the bottom of the thread :) also if you want to record the map make sure to use these texture settings or else the game will crash (waw limits) :| Trailer Yes its finally here.... but it doesn't have everything that i wanted the map to have :/ reason why is that the BO3 mod tools are coming out soon and i would rather work with those tools. Also due to the fact that I've been hitting loads of limits with WaW itself. This map features: Credits of the map :D Beta Testers (that i can remember): I'm also planning on making a Black Ops 3 version with an Easter Egg and much more. Would do it in waw but i'm hitting limits so ill wait till bo3 :) Fixes if having crashing issues or the graphical glitch Download Links https://mega.nz/#!HtI3HYCZ!nr5wnS-bLVLeElyq0nEFvl-TxKD2djx7CiDz4xlLWh4 http://www.mediafire.com/download/4rmvst48cj8aji3/Complex_Final_UM.exe
  2. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    well ive been busy with school and stuff so i haven't gotten the chance to work on complex. Also arceus is scripting stuff for the map :) so big thanks to him. I'm planing to release complex somewhere in July if not August of 2016. for now enjoy these pictures ;D some outside detailing (may change or not) a part of the map (almost done just got to figure out where i can put a wall weapon in that area) (this part is mainly done. I might some more detail in this area) (need to add more lighting to this area to dark imo) (arceus REALLY wanted me to show this so heres the 2nd wonder weapon of the map :D ) (some outside detail but not final) (more outside detail)
  3. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    wip update i have been working on some detail on the map because i'm finally motivated to work on detail xD also added in the slipgun from die rise thanks to arceus 8)
  4. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    well since im lazy to map imma just show a picture what i have been working on xD BO2 Mob Of The Dead m1927 with AW Red Dot Sight and Suppressor
  5. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    update Almost finished with the lab part of the mapif you have any suggestions to the lab area just let me know 8) also I am not to sure what starting pistol to useAtlas45 or M1911...comment below what starting pistol you guys want to see
  6. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    added BO1 gersch device thanks to arceus
  7. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    ​friend of mine (ASTRO) made the camo and i made the spec maps, normal maps, and converted it in waw... also... added cod online perks (china cod)
  8. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    update can anyone guess what this is?
  9. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    Actuary my friend Demon_Mike helped me with the story line Oh and here's an update to the map of the hidden area "lab" ^dual fmg9's thx to tom_bmx offthewall 8) ^AW mors thx to tom_bmx 8) ^someone want to tell me what this is?
  10. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    Here's an update for the main boss zombies in the map btw there's 2 more but i don't feel like spoiling them
  11. jzob123

    Zombie Complex [WIP]

    Hey guys so yea this is my new map and its hardly done xD This map will be my 5th map and maybe my last (due to school getting in the way) The map is barley 10% done so it wont be out for a while Anyway hears some pics of the map cred list will be posted once map is released the story line: You play as a military group known as "EVA" Evolution Visionary's Army. Their goal is a "global purge" which means the world will go in a revolution and this will help booth EVA and the world. The Complex holds many secrets and EVA sent 4 scouts to go fulfill EVA's requests. EVA did not explain to the scouts why they need fulfill there requests but they said they needed to recover EVA data and remove the viruses from the lab computes so they can function again. The Complex was basically EVA'S testing ground, it got out of hand. ^story line by my good friend Demon_Mike and the logo was made by astro ^that sexy sun tho ;D ^secret area of the map the "lab" logo was made by my friend astro 8) ill update the wip when i get motivated to work on the map again hopefully the map will be done by next year or so : and yes im using a new vision file :-X
  12. Welcome to the forums jzob123 :)

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