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  1. Just for Fun Map "Iron"

    Hey, I'm looking for anyone that wants to make maps, but doesn't want to come up with their own story lines. All I want is my name in the description. And here's a freebie. It is a map based on the Iron Man song by Black Sabbath. The name is Iron. The fact that it is based on the song is something the players are supposed to find out on their own. The map design can be random, but there needs to be lyrics painted on the wall. In spawn there should be "Has he lost his mind?" painted on the wall. After exiting the spawn room, "can he see or is he blind?" etc. There should be a buyable ending for around 15000 points, hidden song (can you guess what it is???) (that's right, Iron man by black Sabbath) though it should only be obtainable late in. Maybe two doors from buyable ending. The final lyrics in the song should be right next to buyable ending. (now he has his revenge) Upon buying the ending, either an immortal panzer from origins, or an extremely large group of them should spawn in. They will kill the players, and the game will end. This is considered a victory. Honestly the only map specific things are the panzer and the song and lyrics. Guns, Perks, Map layout, etc. can be map makers choice. Pack is optional. Prices should be mediocre, as this is just a cute little time killer with a "did that just happen?" storyline. Any takers?
  2. Any Custom Map Makers?

    ok. thanks
  3. Any Custom Map Makers?

    I'm looking for a serious map maker, who wants to make maps, but maybe can't come up with the best storyline. Or maybe you just don't want to put the effort into writing a story. I will gladly give you decent storyline, and maybe even general map layout, but there are a few restrictions. You have to have some type of recording device, and a youtube channel. I need to see the map, how difficult it is, etc. I also want recognition in the map description. I'll gladly accept a simple, "This map and storyline were developed by (my name). (Your name(or however you want to put it)) built and debugged the map."
  4. How to fix the story

    This is ridiculous. First off, BO2 zombies map, Origins, did close (with a definitive line) the storyline. Samantha and Edward, the two children in the cut scene, were obviously Samantha, the zombie controlling child, and Edward (Richtofen) was the "mad" scientist. Maxis is their father. Samantha has no mother, and Edwards parents died in WW2 Germany, he was later adopted my Maxis. if we go back to the FIRST zombies map, Nacht der Untoten, we don't get any storyline, apart from the obvious introduction to zombies. Despite several (million) protests, this map has nothing to do with the Samantha storyline. Then we progress to the dlc, which also has minimal info regarding the Samantha storyline, but does give information on the "origins" of the zombies that we've run into so far. Agreed? Good. Continuing to the Black Ops Storyline... We get introduced to the Kino der Toten map, which, to the best of my knowledge, still sheds no light on where Treyarch planned to go with anything, but gave the feel that they were just winging it at the time, to keep their games selling. However, Kino did introduce two things that near every map has now. Teleporters and songs. Kino, though not in the same concept, did introduce Easter eggs and basic storyline. Again to the best of my knowledge, only the dlc Moon, had anything to do with Sam. But before I get into moon, I want to give kudos to the accursed map with George, the director. It was the first map to actually introduce an in-depth story, and it is my PERSONAL belief, that it was a test run to see if Treyarch could use the Samantha storyline, and get it to sell. Moon..... I hate moon..... Samantha gets (actually) introduced. You then proceed to free her from the tomb she is locked in... for no reason. Edward then takes over the "game" and becomes the main man. He nukes the earth, WITH YOUR HELP, I might add.... jerks.... anyway, and the map ends. BO2 intro.... Tranzit.... again.... HATE.... but.... oh well. So here we get to pick a side.... "Good" or "Evil". Mr Richtofen (aka Ed) was in control of moon, but it would seem Samantha is back in control of the game, and gives you the choice to follow her brother or father, and either eradicate, or further, the zombie horde. After the (rather pointless) events of transit, we find ourselves in the "wtf, is this filler, maps..." Buried, and (Alcatraz) whatever the name is, are non-canon, and have no point, apart from buying time. And who can forget the *cough* lovely *cough* Die Rise..... I know I did..... anyway. I didn't care for the map, and never did the storyline, sorry.... Finally Origins.... So far nothing of major note has really happened, apart from the destruction of earth, the release of billions of zombies, and the battle for control of said zombies. However, in origins, we find out many interesting things. The origins of said zombies, for example... Well treyarch closed that door on themselves, with the whole, "Zombies pre-date Templars gig....." so now there cant be an in-depth origin on the origins..... I know, confusing... Then we have the fact that Maxis is dead. Future storyline event, question mark? anyway, Sam leads Richtofen, and the others to.... eradicate?..... the zombie horde? I didn't really get that part either... But the cutscene tells all. Ed and Sam are playing a game (possibly based on a real life outbreak of zombies?) and Sam is in charge of the rules... The bomb sirens go off, which makes me believe its just a common WW2 bombing raid, and therefore there is not an actual outbreak of zombies.... In the background, you can see a toy box with a question mark on it. (Mystery box) You can see character action figures. (Tranzit) and you can see Sam and Edwards names on a (Bottle?) thing, with tally marks underneath. These marks (perhaps) refer to how many stories each has told. With this information, we can assume one of four things, that would actually make sense.... 1: The entire zombies storyline is a childs game, and the reason there are zombies is because that is how the children see the german nazis. The storyline will progress with Edward telling the story in the next zombies game. (Most likely futuristic, seeing as Sams story was based in the past and present.) (Probable) 2: The zombies franchise has ended. (Unlikely) 3: Treyarch will introduce an entirely new zombies franchise, with none of the same characters... (slim) 4: The story will continue, but in real life, starring Maxxis, Edward, Samantha, and a fourth, who has likely been depicted in the games already... The story will commence with Maxxis creating zombies, using his own blood on accident, and sam having the power to control them.... (Most likely to happen after 1)
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