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  1. if the setting was that of a port city and possibly those docks.. it could include various zombies from all over the world, not just plague infested ones..the latter could be more like bosses..
  2. Thanks for adding your touches! I also have another idea set in Feudal Japan for a DLC. Which would include a crazy amount of period firearms and fun extra weapons (ninja and samurai weapons).. Check it out below! Maybe this could be extra stuff if you play as Takeo's ancestor.
  3. artwork is manipulation-style, sourced from other artwork then spliced together.. I dig that exploding zombie idea, the masks were actually worn by plague doctors of the time.. they thought the style would protect them from evil, not sure if Medieval doctors knew anything microbiology at the time..
  4. BACKDROP FOR MAP Placing the player in a very cool environment, the Middle Ages during a plague outbreak. A very dark time in history, which included frequent wars, the Black Death, the hight of the Inquisition, the torturing/burning of accused witches/heretics and some advancements in warfare technology. The perfect setting for an action horror game in my opinion. My immediate thought was setting this map in England, however this is already game similar to that titled Hellraider. So, moving it to mainland Europe could allow for some even more exciting environments, weapons and characters. CHARACTERS The idea is to have this set sometime between 1400-1500s, after a resurgence of the plague in Europe. Only thing is that this one is reanimated the dead. This could include characters and environments from Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. I'm not sure how serious the game should be, but including different classes of characters (which we already have in COD) witches, warlocks, rogues and alchemists as playable characters could be very cool indeed. WEAPONS 15th-16th century weapons are far from high-tech, but it could be creative to use things like throwing knives, torches, maces, broadswords, daggers, spears and bows. Maybe even using the ability to also use rocks and hot-oil as well. Some of the Middle Age warfare was pretty brutal. That said, there were some cool advancements at the time. A hand-held grenade launcher (hand cannon) from Germany. Double barrel pistol from Spain, and many other decked-out Renaissance weapons including Italian crossbows. I think opening-up the ability to use even more weapons could make for an even scarier experience. Imagine you have a horde of zombies coming at you and all you have is a pot of oil and a lit torch, could be extremely fun game play. LOOK OF THE IN GAME PLAY These are images taken from other games that have incorporated the non-firearm weapons in a first person shooter. To give you an idea of how this cool look set within the world of Zombies. For the most part these look pretty damn badass. Feel free to let me know what you think about this idea, and if Treyarch should pursue this type of Zombies map in the future.
  5. I have, and the film Last Days on Mars actually has a similar premise.. team of scientists discover a living organism under the surface of Mars and it turns them basically into zombies. It's on Netflix and is actually really good for indie science fiction.
  6. I've been obsessed with those Black Ops 2 theories that a map was going to be set on Mars. So, I've put together some artwork to promote that idea for the future. Even giving them a name to use Red Dust. If that turns out to be main launch map for whatever Treyarch releases in 2015 (World At War 2 or Black Ops 3), or some DLC content down the road. Let me know what you think of my idea of placing Zombie on a Mars colony setup by the Soviet Union (in an alternative reality). Yes, I sourced other artwork. This is more of a manipulation rather than original art. I know people might not like the idea of this hardcore science-fiction environment for Zombies, but Moon was pretty dope. As dumb as some of these movies are I love Mars set films like Total Recall, Ghosts of Mars, and Last Days on Mars. I feel like this setting would work very well with this series, what do you think?
  7. Welcome to the forums HauserHowl :)