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  1. Tranzit hate???

    i honestly think tranzit is a good map... no where near the best map to come out of codz though. i just like how they went with a big change, from small one area maps to being able to travel between areas in one map. And honestly for me it worked i like the fact the the map had areas where it was harder to survive in and thus requiring more communication from team mates whether it be because you are working together in one area and are coordinating positions or whether its because you are ll in separate areas.
  2. Easter Egg Team

    looking for three people to complete zombies easter eggs on XBOX 360. you must have a mic, not fussed with age and that aslong as you arent a dick. Does not just have to be tranzit though can be any/all easteregg maps i have blops 1 & 2. doesnt just have to be for easter eggs though i play call of duty zombies ALOT so im happy to play just for the fun. if you're interested then message me on XBL GT is 'TiZZWALDS'
  3. Welcome to the forums TiZZWALDS :)