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  1. Is the EE solved yet?

    Hi Guys, I'm new here so nice to meet u all. I found this forum searching this discussion and i want to contribute with something. The green lights on teleport are not a technical mistake, doesn't appear only on the floor, they're on the top too, look this video and sorry for quality... (i'm not a youtuber, don't care visits) I don't know what kind of EE is hidden on this map but i sure that there is unsolved. I guess treyarch made this EE so difficult that no one could completed it, that's the reason why the nexts EE on new maps are for morons, seriously, they tell us how to do step by step. The green lights, the fuseboxes, the rocket, the mannequin... for nothing? i don't think so. Many people think that if no one solved it that's because there is nothing, but the fact is, in a lot of games their EE are solved years after, even decades... Have a nice day!!
  2. Welcome to the forums Iam_KyLe :)