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  1. Projection Initials and Morse Code

    So I was playing Theater of the Dead with two other people a couple days ago. We had a film reel that projected an eyeball, and it said something strange in the pupil. The eyeball has three stages and on the third stage the letters "JD" appeared towards the bottom of the pupil. JD also is on the map Der Riese by the carbine (left of starting room) Do we know anyone in zombies with the initials "JD?" Also, in Kino, when you enter the dressing room from the Speed Cola room and turn immediately left you come to a window. If you stand next to the window you can hear someone knocking behind the boxes behind the window. I am guessing this is Morse code but I don't know how to translate it. Has anyone tried?
  2. Welcome to the forums WaWandBlackOps1ZombieLover :)