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  1. Mob of the Dead worth buying?

    Yup, I bought it yesterday in fact. Well worth the $15, I'm really enjoying it so far. --------------------------------------------------- - www.youtube.com/Immadrunkmonkey CoD Zombies and more
  2. Mob of the Dead worth buying?

    Eventually I hope that I will be able to. For now I just don't have the money. :/ --------------------------------------------------- - www.youtube.com/Immadrunkmonkey Zombies and more
  3. Mob of the Dead worth buying?

    Alright, I think I will get it now. Thanks for the advice everyone. --------------------------------------------------- - www.youtube.com/Immadrunkmonkey Zombies and more
  4. Mob of the Dead worth buying?

    I'm planning on buying one more map pack for zombies, so I have more options for making some videos on my small channel that I'm starting up on YouTube. I'm thinking Mob of the Dead will be the best option, but I'd like to know what you guys think. Other options: Buried Call of the Dead Die Rise Shangri-La --------------------------------------------------- - www.youtube.com/Immadrunkmonkey Zombies and more
  5. Origins Highest Round

    20 Solo before I had to quit, fun map, for some reason I seem to do better Solo than with other people. --------------------------------------------------- - www.youtube.com/Immadrunkmonkey
  6. Welcome to the forums Immadrunkmonkey :)