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  1. Is the EE solved yet?

    Really? I saw many gltches like this.   Pls upload a video where u do it.
  2. Is the EE solved yet?

    I think "thethiny" is right. i thinkn there is an EE on "Kino der Toten", because there are so many details for:   - If you glitch/cheat you on the Tower, out of the map, and u wait for a short time, then u hear sounds from it. Why should Treyarch install this? Normally you cant get there. But maybe u can teleport there or something like that. - In the Operating room, where u can get, when u teleport back, there is a door. And if u glitch/cheat in the room (Yes, again ) there is a second door. Wait a minute and u will hear more creepy sounds. A other creepy scream and a heavy knock. And this is not all. Under the Room, there are many red electrical boxes. u cannot open them, but they are there - At last we have the mysterius house out of the lobby. The house behind the Tower with the radio insinde. U can stand on the top of the house, u dont fall out of map. I think this is one reason that this house has a use.   There are many other facts, but this is what i found.   PS: The Green light is a glitch, thats right.
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