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  1. Keepers Presence Since World at War?

    Just recently I had joined a questioning party on PlayStation with Jason Blundell, head of the zombies team, and I asked him a slew of very odd but revealing questions. One such question was: "When was the presence of the Keepers first sighted?" And Who gave us the First Ray Gun? I got some very odd responses. Such as: "They give us the first ray gun on the Campaign mission in World At War "Little Resistance", they are the ones speaking the mysterious language."And the shadow man has apparently escaped the summoning key as well... Thoughts?
  2. The Fly Trap

    I'll try to this weekend on the black ops version. Maybe this will shed some light on this mystery
  3. The Fly Trap

    It's strange that the phrase on the wall that says "the giant is in France" and a piece of what looks like the baby maker in Der Reise. They must've planned ahead. If you look at the baby maker, it has a dragon. Possibly hinting at Chinese culture (Die Rise)?
  4. The Fly Trap

    @Boom You notice the little things.thats good. Oh and I zoomed on one of the bottles. Definitely a perk. Maybe a canceled perk? I was thinking Candolier, or Ammo Matic @InfestLithium thank you for the welcome!
  5. The Fly Trap

    Theres more than meets the eye on Der Riese, when you activate the WAW, or BO1 Fly Trap you can Briefly see a perk bottle and what looks like a piece of the Baby Maker.