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  1. I wonder how many resources we could pour into a 2nd master zombie/solo zombies guide?

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    2. Dahniska


      You're asking if I want to put together guide material for all BO2 maps/survival modes while you tackle BO1? Hmm. Send me a PM when you get a chance and we can discuss this more. Up front I will be honest though - this would take a while. At least several weeks.

    3. Awful Lawton

      Awful Lawton

      Yes, sort of. My goal is to cover each map, while covering the intricate parts- instakill rounds and the reset time.

    4. Chopper


      I admire what you are trying. Gotta remember though that insta rounds are a niche within a niche within a niche. I suggest doing individual guides for the maps and then combining them, it will seem more manageable then.