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  1. Error: Exceeded maximum anim info

    Happened to my friend and I when we were at round 34. I guess this is Treyarch's way of stoping us from getting to high rounds easily.
  2. Highest Round on Buried!

    Yesterday I got to round 27 with three randoms at about 7 a.m. EST. So I tried again at night with three friends and we got to round 28. Here is a video. The video's quality is good, but the sound is awkward. I just got an elgato yesterday and I'm still working on the sound configurations. This video was kind of a 30+ fail video/comedy. If you enjoyed, subscribe, I've got about 3 more COD zombies videos I need to upload. I have to upload some team camping spot strategies and tactics, so stay tuned. I already have a glitch spot video uploaded.