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  1. Zombie And Multiplayer Map Ideas

    I would love to see the old WWII (stylish) background again with limited perks / particularities like pap and such. Maps with more strategic play, cool ancient weaponry and warmachines, teamwork and moving from safe place to safe place in gigantic maps with all kinds op opportunities and ways to deal with the zombie hords. Also I expect it even more than in BOPSII to be a storyline, in which you play with a team from 4-8 players. Some other new thing: Zombies shouldn't be mortal, they could only be held off for a while, or be torn into small, harmless bodyparts. I don't think 3arch could bring us another game with more of the same old zombie they ve been using anyway. It's time for a new, cleverer type of zombie that doesn't just rushes to its pray. It's time they brought us zombies that act with instincts! But that's just my thoughts of course Last but not least: I hope they'll stll be releasing it on PS3, cause I'm not getting a PS4 too soon. My name is Imintozombies