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  1. Hells Redeemer

    Played a game today and got the 5 skulls using the redeemer, not the retriever. No change tho. The redeemer has to have another use. Still searching
  2. Hells Redeemer

    My apologies brk. Apparently I don't know how to scroll to the 2nd page in this thread to see the latest posts. I honestly posted my theory without reading yours. Not trying to steal your thunder. At that, I am going to try this theory out as soon as I can. Might not he until the weekend tho.
  3. Hells Redeemer

    Treyarch wouldn't just add in the hells redeemer for the only reason being it is a 1 hit kill until round 'insert number'. There must be another use for it. Has anyone tried searching around the map for other items to get like we did with the blue skills? Also, it is called the redeemer. Which is another word form of redemption. What if weasel ends up killing everyone else to break the cycle using the redeemer? When weasel goes down and goes unto his monologue, he talks about him not being able to fulfill his promises to the other 3 inmates. So his "redemption" could be fulfilled by killing them with the Redeemer and possibly breaking the cycle permanently? This is all speculation, however, I truly believe that the redeemer is not just another weapon. Thoughts?