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  1. Im Just Curious....

    Im not sure where iv heard it from, its either the map description, something one of the characters say during game-play or a cipher that has being decoded.....just cant put my finger on it.... Iv tried shooting the moon/sun with the annihilator and PaP'ed weapons but to no avail. It could be a possibility that the gobblegum that stops time could be used when it cycles to see would it stop it also, and maybe it would be a start or something too an Easter egg but i never got that far to relay find out...
  2. Im Just Curious....

    Is there not a quote or cipher that says "the beginning will be the end" or something to that effect. It is the first map we see the the 4 lads for the first time (the beginning), and when we have all the originals souls collected in the summoning key, the lights go green after dlcs are completed (the end), and the fact we cant find an Proper Easter egg in the map?? its hardly a big buildup for a ending?? Also on a different note, why does the moon turn into a sun or do a full eclipse after dogs in the giant?? Couldn't find anything about it here or anywhere else...?
  3. Der Eisendrache: Zombies Library

    Hey I was wondering have ye found this cypher yet? I haven't being able to get a sniper to look at it yet tho. It is under the rocket behind the mesh wire in the bottom left.PS sorry if this is in the wrong thread, I couldn't find anything like this thread related in the search.