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  1. A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    OK I'll add my timeline. Feel free to tear it to shreds. So I'm thinking of a timeline that would tie these maps together. So maybe we can all add a bit to this as I'm sure I've made some mistakes but here it goes. The whole thing starts with the 2 explorers that go to Shangra-la, let's say 1910(not sure on that date). Those 2 get trapped in a time loop due to the presence of the 115 meteor. Fast forward a few years, Nazi team discovers Shangra La and the element, collect it and return to Germany with the shards of the meteor. This begins Maxis and Richtofen's work with the 115 at Der Riese. Yea Zombies Time! So now, the wonder weapons and the teleporting devices are being built, some of the Nazi research is stolen, and I would say the events of Nacht and Shi No Numa are happening around the same time. This all leads evidence to Richtofen starting to collect his subjects for his super solder program using the 115. Once subjects are collected he begins brainwashing them at Verruckt. Meanwhile, Maxis is progressing on his projected and creates the 2nd teleporter at Kino. So now Der Riese and Kino tele's are supposed to be connected. The wheels fall off the whole project. Zombies are now out of control and the original group of 4 start teleporting, which we believe has them jumping timelines. Fast Forward another dozen years or so. The research stolen from the Nazi team by americans and russians, begins their projects with 115. This is where Ascension and Five are taking place. With both countries using this tech with the space program. So now our time travelers, that left in let's say the 40's, finally appear in present day and our locked in a room in Siberia(Call of the Dead). Once assisted by 4 celebs, they are ripped out of that time, and then sent to Shangra La(unsure of time frame of when they arrive) But Richtofen, collects the 2nd piece he now needs to work his master plan. Our trusty travelers, are then shot forward in time again. Now by this time, the US is getting better with their built teleportation pad, and somehow, our original 4 are pulled to Area 51 where the US's tele Pad is setup. This I believe is after Call of the Dead, and probably around 2025, if we are to believe Nuketown is taking place in 2025. Also appears to be a lot of newer tech during Moon. Now let's take a second to clear some stuff up. First the zombies have already been recorded as real, at least by the governments of the US, Russia, Japan, Germ. If you remember and for those who haven't played it yet, when you play Nuketown 2025, the comic book page that shows during the loading screen, shows a large device centered at a crater, that appears to by at the Nuketown site. I know when you play Nuketown it appears that it is a Nuke that has gone off, and that Nuketown could be taking place during the 40's-50's when the use was testing a lot of Nukes. I disagree with that. I think if you are going create a device that could control zombies(which I think the US was working on, since hey free army!) A great place to build something like that would be in an area that is pretty off limits to the public and Nuketown seems like a safe enough place to do this experiment. So the US builds the device, and meanwhile, our original team is now on the Moon with Richtofen(as heard during Nuketown 2025) Now, this brings me to the New crew, or more specifically Marlton. I believe he was part of the team that helped build the zombie control device that was being tested at Nuketown. But obviously something went wrong with the test and the whole thing went kablooy. Which of course if you are there testing it and needed a safe place to hide, why the fallout shelter that is in Nuketown is a pretty safe place. So Marlton is in the fallout shelter, probably with some other employees. Oh and the device that explodes of course is run off of ele 115, thus the zombie outbreak in Nuketown and helps to explain the mushroom cloud over the area. Marlton has some issues with tight spaces, and his personal space in general, which leads to him being kicked out of the fallout shelter(as observed by his comments from the fallout shelter in Nuketown), most likely by the other employees. So original team is working away on the Moon, Marlton is just booted from the fallout shelter. Right around, round 6-10 you can here our familiar Bus honking his horn. I believe this is where Marlton goes. He gets booted from the shelter and then jumps on the bus, who already have, Misty, Russman, and the other guy(Possibly, or some of them could still be picked up on the way to green run.) As you see from the map selection screen, the Area 51(Nuketown)site and Green Run sites, are separated by a bit of distance. One being in the Pacific NW and the other in Vegas area of Nevada. Oh and right around rd 25 on Nuketown, Richtofen finally gets control of the zombies on Moon. Proven by the voice change and eye color change during gameplay of that map. So this is where our original team is left off at. They could still be up there or they may have found a way to tele back to a different teleportation pad. But irregardless, our new team, is already or being formed on the way to Green Run. Now during Green Run, we are unsure of how long it took the bus to drive from Nuketown to Green Run, but we can guess, a few weeks, to months. So I think our original crew, if still in our timeline, could easily be alive, but just lost somewhere. Or based on the way the have been pulled around in time, they could really end up any place, if indeed they decided to teleport. While our new team, is starting to get involved with Richtofen's or Maxis's plan, based on the EE for green run. Whew that is a lot. Oh and I don't want to discourage anyone's idea that Misty maybe a descendent of Tank. That could hold true. We did not know if Tank had a family back in his timeline, prior to him getting captured. Could be that Misty is still a great granddaughter of Tank. But who knows. Oh and a few other thoughts. So since our original crew have been treated and our attuned to the element 115. It is safe to assume, that is what is causing them to jump through time to areas that have concentrations of the 115. With that said, we do not know when the original meteor hit the earth. If Treyarch really wants to have some fun, they could mentioned in a DLC, that the meteor landed back in the Dino age. So Meteor hits, Dinos in the area become ZOMBIE DINOS and begin to eat the living ones. Once the live ones are dead, the zombie Dinos also die due from lack of food of a thousand years or so. Bang, now you have a explanation as to why the Dinos all disappeared. And how much fun it would be to fight the zombie Dinos! Oh and another quick comment. Our original crew on the moon when they shoot the missiles to earth, in hopes to stop Richtofen. I think what then happened was the super powers on earth notice incoming missiles, and shoot back at the moon, thus destroying it. The would explain the opening screen to zombies. The asteroid belt that now surrounds the earth, also why the earth is a total mess. Since 3 Nukes probably couldn't have done all that damage. So either the original crew teleported off before that happened or they are dust in the cosmos.